Tuesday, 1 November 2011

nails inc. matte collection.

'nail inc.' are world renowned for their high quality, expensive nail polishes, in many beautiful colours and now; in matte. Yep, nail inc. have launched a matte collection, and I must admit; I'm a fan. This bottle costs around £11.00 on the Internet; quite a hefty price tag for one bottle of nail polish, but I think for the quality, it's worth it.

The polish applies with a glossy shine to it, which is very confusing as I was expecting an immediate 'matte' coat; but it didn't take long for the polish to dry and ta-da....

I'm in two minds whether matte is the way forward; simply because I believe the same effect could be created by colouring in my nails with a red Sharpie. I'm not overly 'wowed' for £11.00, but it is something different to the standard glossy looking polish.

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