Sunday, 30 October 2011

Cheeky freebie....or two

I went for my brows yesterday and the very lovely beautician gave me 2 free products - Dream Lash Multi-Active Lash Serum, and Noir Nouveau Lashes Mascara.

At a first glance, the packaging and the tube itself looks quite 'cheap'; like a freebie out of a magazine, but amazingly, this eyelash serum is priced at around £20.00. The serum itself is clear, which is perfect for applying over mascara, and I find it works beautifully at keeping my brows in place. I wouldn't pay £20.00 for it mind you, as there are other serums on the market for a lot less - for example Barry M sell a clear eyebrow and lash serum for only £5.00 and unlike this 'Dream Lash serum' it has a much nicer smell. This serum doesn't smell particularly lovely it has to be said, but unlike other serums does dry quickly, which is ideal if you're on the go. I wouldn't pay more than £5.00 for it, but as a freebie I can't complain. I would rate this product a 4/10.

I absolutely love this mascara! I always struggle to find mascara's that don't weigh down my lashes and stick them together in a 'spider leg-esque' way. I was absolutely made up with this mascara, as it doesn't leave ugly clumps and it manages to stay in place wonderfully without smudging, the dry time is very quick and it lengthens my rebellious lashes without having to use eyelash curlers which I'm not really a fan of. I really like the applicator, the rounded shape makes application a lot easier to manage and requires very little effort, perfect for me who is always waking up late and rushing to be on time for school and work etc. I would rate this mascara a positive 8/10, it doesn't add much volume or thickness which I do like on my lashes, but saying that, it is very lightweight and easy to wear.

Not bad for a couple of freebies!

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