Sunday, 6 November 2011

English Pickers

Such a gorgeous Titanic bell - perfect for a Titanic enthusiast 
An authentic Singer sewing machine and case.
One of the many barns we visited today, full of antique furniture and signage.
Tangent alarm/bell system
Beautiful film lamp - very tempted to purchase this beauty
Genuine cart, very Jack-The-Ripper don't you think?
Lyons Coffee tin - still smelt of coffee
Old roller skates from the 60's-70's
Genuine 'Hoover' vacuum cleaner
Hundreds of records!
Old leather suitcase with the name and address of a young boy written across the top
Imagine ironing with that... 
This was from the last place we looked at today, it was an enormous estate full of stone statues and rooms full of props and decorative garden pieces. I absolutely love this figurine, definitely a talking point.
Old battery case
This made me chuckle, imaging shaving with that! Times really have changed...
It's such a shame that some of the buttons had come off this camera because I absolutely love it, if it was in working order it would be an absolute gem.

Today me and the fam' went roaming around some gorgeous salvage and recreation yards, in look for some lovely vintage British trinkets. For those of you that have ever watched 'American Pickers' on Sky, you will know the excitement recreation yards bring. It's all about bringing the old in to your home and combining it with the new. Each dust covered beauty has it's own story which I find absolutely fascinating. There are so many recreation yards around the country and the world, so get looking! Why buy something that is supposed to look 'shabby' when you can buy the real deal for a good price, especially when the owners welcome haggling, all in all, it's great fun and you wouldn't believe how someone's 'old junk' can get your adrenaline pumping.

P.S. I'm off to Venice for a week, so will write to you when I get back and post all the pics. Have a great week lovelies!

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