Friday, 2 December 2011

Boudoir Prive - my absolute favourite beauty box to date. The face masks smell beautiful and really do leave your skin feeling revitalised, I am yet to use the lotion and shampoo/conditioner samples. The lipstick is so creamy and easy to apply and wear, it's a dream, and the rose moisturiser is a miracle! I really am impressed with the quality of the products, and the 

Vinies luminous skin mask: This mask is an actual godsend! It smells gooood. If you could bottle all that's beautiful about herbal remidies, then this is it. Once left for 3-5 mins, your skin immediately feels a million times better, perfect for this time of year when the harsh winter weather bites in to your skin without a care in the world, leaving us looking far from our best - not good when the party season is upon us 'eh girls! I would rate this product a 8/10, it is lovely. I would say that it could be a bit more...appealing lookswise, the colour is anything but beautiful in a muddy, slushy brown. But, it looks natural so I can't complain really. Also it could be a bit thicker and dry faster, other than that; I'm very pleased.

Dead Sea spa, silky smooth body lotion: Gentle on the skin, nothing overly special, did leave my hands feeling a lot smoother, but I have used softer hand creams in the past; like Soap and Glory Hand Food for example, always a winner in my eyes. This is great for all over use, when out of the shower and is easy to apply, did feel a bit sticky however and didn't dry as quickly as I would have liked. It did have a nice smell, but as I said; nothing overly wonderful here for the price tag. I would rate this product 5/10, middle of the road.

 Korres wild rose 24 hour moisturizer - Now this, I absolutely adore! It's so soft, leaves skin beautifully soft and glowing. It has a gorgeous smell and a lovely consistency, everything you would want from a moisturiser. A well trusted brand name, and a really pleasing product, definitely rating this one a 8.5/10.

Studio Makeup Rich Hydration Lipstick in Really Red - At first application, I immediately fell in love with the creamy consistency, it really does hydrate! (does what it says on the tin) - but it didn't last AT ALL, and because of the creamy application was very hard to apply, because of the almost 'liquid when in contact with heat' like texture. Over all, I've had better. Kate Moss for Rimmel for example is my personal favourite, I do love the appllicator for this one, it's packaged beautifully. 5/10.

 Rahua Voluminious Shampoo and conditioner - I am made up with the size of these beauty's, definitely satisfying for 'sample' sizes, I do go through a lot of shampoo and conditioner with my crazy locks, so these please me nicely! They smell gorgeous and leave a nice shine, easy to wash out - nothing more to say. I definitely wouldn't pay over the odd's for these however, and am therefore rating these a 6/10. 

Any of you subscribed? I ended my subscription with Glossy Box, it wasn't worth the money in my eyes, for something hit and miss every month for £10, I'd rather take that money elsewhere. I'm loving Boudoir Prive, highly recommend!

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