Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Merry (belated) Christmas

I've been a completely hopeless blogger; been quite a stressful time at the moment for several different reasons. Hopefully they will not be swallowed as excuses by your very selves, and with a pinch of luck you'll forgive me and not lose faith in my blogging ability - however scarce it has been so far.

Enough of all the dwelling; how has everyone been? I always find this part of the year very strange, it's the 28th or early 29th, and Christmas is over, it's not so much festive anymore but sparkly and glam and celebratory because - wheey we've all survived another year! Congratulations :) What a year it's been, I managed to get a real job in the adult world, make many new friendships and rebuild broken ones, turn 17 and amerce myself in the adventures of the world; Venice being but one of the many adventures. I find myself reflecting but it is time to reflect? Or is it a bit too eager, is Christmas still sort of here? Is it time to put the tree away yet and spruce the place up ready for new beginnings? Do I actually put my presents away in my room and get back on the treadmill or do I slob out with the mince pies for a bit longer? It's all a bit inbetweeny isn't it.

What did you all get for Christmas?! That's what I love knowing, even the littlest things like lipsticks and chocolates and bath stuff (which when unwrapping seems a bit crap, but comes in very handy in the long run), I find even a chocolate bloody orange extra exciting to unwrap -  it really makes my Christmas truth be told *cringe*.

Here's some snaps of my Christmas: Enjoy x 

The most perfect Christmas Eve 

Such a gorgeous camera - and it really works, can't wait to get the film developed

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